TENLUXE® Inkleaner® Inkcleaner GF 14g

Easy Fabric Stain Remover & Ink Stain Remover.
Apply onto less-easily removed stains, such as ball-pen, Lipstick, Oil base ink, animal, vegetable, mineral oils or mud stains, then spray with cleaning gun or rinse with water.

Tenxlue Inkleaner® 6.3g is also available.

Packing : 12pcs / dozen

Product Introduction
Product Specifications

Stains should be removed before they have a chance to be absorbed by the fabric. The Tenluxe Inkcleaner® can be carried wherever you go to deal with troublesome stains.

Capacity :  14g /pcs
Dimension: 78 x 26 mm
Packing :  12pcs / dozen

Tenluxe Inkcleaner®
Suitable for the following industries:
Ball gown industry / Garment retailers / Silk and synthetic fabric industries / Quilting / Fabric inspectors / Bedding manufacturers and sellers / Garment manufacturers / Plastic outer shells of household appliances / Office workers.

Not suitable for:
Non-oil based stains, such as dye stains on fabric / Serious molding or yellowed stains that have already -altered the fabric.

■ Instructions

1.Dealing with general stains

 Step 1  Lightly rub or wipe the entire stained area with clean water until moist.

 Step 2  Lightly apply Tenluxe Inkcleaner® to the stained area.

 Step 3  For surface stains use a toothbrush to lightly brush away the stain; for intermediate stains you can cut the thistles of the toothbrush shorter, so that greater force can be applied to the stain with the toothbrush. For deep stains lay the fabric flat on the workbench, and use the handle-end of the toothbrush to lightly scrub the stained area. (Please note that the handle must be smooth as to not damage the fabric. Professional garment makers often use the blunt tip of the bone pen to increase the internal friction between fibers, further improving the stain-removing effect.)

 Step 4  Rinse off the stained area with water. We suggest filling a container (such as a cup) up to 90% with clean water, place the fabric directly over the cup, and use the handle of the toothbrush to dip the fabric slightly into the water for rinsing. The residual detergent will be diluted by the water in the container (or cup). The water in the cup should be replaced with clean water if necessary.

2.On-the-spot removal

Rub a small amount of Tenluxe Inkcleaner® onto a dampened towel or rug, and apply directly to wipe away surface stain. This method can be used not only with garments and fabric, but also with casings of general household appliances and electronic products. Then simply wipe with a clean, dampened cloth.

3.Use the Tenluxe® Textile Cleaning Gun Type B-4

Directly apply Tenluxe Inkcleaner® onto the stained area of the fabric or garment, and then use the Tenluxe® Textile Spray Gun Type B-4 (for spraying water only) to spray off the stain with water. Finally, use a dry cloth to soak up any extra moisture, or spray off the extra moisture with an air gun.

4.For certain garments with transparent oil-based stains

Directly apply Tenluxe Inkcleaner® onto the stained area, and then wash as usual in the washing machine.