TENLUXE Snaxin®303

Anti-Machine Oil Stains

Some stains can be washed in water while others require more work. We have developed a series of water-based solvents for dealing with different types of stains.

As the Snaxin series has a liquid component, they can't be shipped overseas by air.

Product Introduction

 Snaxin 101 Anti-Animal & Vegetable Oil Stains :
Decompose stains on textile materials such as yellow stains, blood, sweet stains (juice, coffee or tea spills), caused of vegetable, animal oil, urine or sauces etc.

 Snaxin 202 Anti-Rust Stains :
Decomposes rust stains on texttile materials. 

 Snaxin 303 Anti-Machine Oil Stains :
Decompose animal, vegetable, and lubricant stains.

 Snaxin 404 Bleach :
Removing yellow stains on textile materials.

 Snaxin 202+404 :
Used in conjunction with the two chemicals to removes most slight dye stains.