The trademarks of Tenluxe Co., Ltd. (Party A) were infringed upon by Wu (Party B) and Chen (Party B). Prosecution was launched by the District Prosecutors Office after an investigation.

Party B reached a settlement with Tenluxe Co., Ltd. after agreeing to  sign a public apology (as attachment 1.Notice of Apology A and 2.Notice of Apology B) and pay compensation for infringing upon the trademarks of Party A. The settlement agreements with Tenluxe Co., Ltd. are provided below (as attachment 3 and 4):

Due to privacy protection laws, some of the text have been redacted.

Attachment 3: Settlement Agreement A

Attachment 4: Settlement Agreement B

The verdict (an abstract is provided in Attachment 5) for trademark infringement was issued on March 20, 2018. 

*Trademark infringements have criminal and civil liabilities.